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I am always working on adding additional resources, courses, templates, and more for you to be as successful as possible with your finances. If you have ideas for items you'd like to see in the store, please send me an email!

5 Steps to Getting Out of Debt


This ebook teaches my five steps to successfully get out of debt for good.

The Budget Bootcamp


This course is packed with 30+ lessons explaining everything you need to know about budgets and budgeting. You'll also receive templates, a workbook, guided video lessons, and access to an online community focused on the same goals as you!

Getting Out of Debt Workshop


This 37-minute workshop teaches you the exact same method my wife and I used to pay off $114,000 of debt in 26 months and how you can do it, too!

Financial Flippers Budget Template


This budget template is built on Excel but can also be used in Google Sheets. This is the same template that comes with the Budget Bootcamp course, so there's no need to purchase this template if you have purchased that course. If you're just looking for a zero-based budget template, this is the template for you. It provides guides on spending, is user-friendly and customizable, and also automatically calculates your cash flow so you know if your budget is over or under. You'll receive three versions of this template for your convenience: PDF, Excel XLS, and Excel XLSX. Should you prefer to use Google Sheets, you can either email me directly (kyle@financialflippers.com) and I can send you the link for the template, or you can simply export the file to Google Sheets.