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"Thank you for sending such great notes for us to follow.  Wanted to give you an update on what we have done so far, I join the  library, and they have an amazing collection of audiobooks, so thanks for the tip that will save us $14.95 per month.  We are going to be canceling our credit cards except for two of them. We are looking at the visual that can show our progress.  I really love the meal planning website most definitely going to use this website a lot."

"As a performer, I worry about my future and how to plan for emergencies and... well, life itself. Kyle shares his personal experience about climbing out of debt and how to apply simple budgeting, planning and money saving skills to your own life.




"Kyle helped me change my relationship with money. He set me up with the information and knowledge that is going to lead me to all my future successes! Together, we sat down with all of my debt. I thought it would be scary. what it turned out to be... was enlightening.

I thought my debt had control over me. No. Quite the opposite. I just needed the right tools and knowledge.

Kyle sent me on a path to success!

I already have more money I've ever had in my savings and I'm on my way to paying off all my debt!"

"Kyle gave me the tools that I needed to be excited about my future. He pushed me so hard in the right direction, that there's no turning back for me. 

He gave me hope for the future and a plan. 

This session changed my life and I am forever grateful. "

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